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Paul first started Dj'ing in the summer of 1988 back in England where he grew up. A year later he moved to The U.S. and started playing in the New England scene with his brother (DJ M-GEE). In 1992 he started Primary Productions and over the next 6 years threw some of the biggest and best raves on the East Coast (Blue, Yellow, Red, Purple, etc.). During this time he took up residency at the now infamous LOFT in Boston, along with M-GEE and ARMAND VAN HELDEN. This club became the jewel in the Crown of the New England Dance scene and launched Paul on a path that would see him tour this country constantly for the next 7 years, touring with the likes of Orbital, Underworld, The Orb, and on Lollapalooza. During this time he and his brother launched their own record label (OHM RECORDINGS) and started producing music.

In 1997 Paul produced an album (333>SEED) with the Fred Giannelli (THE KOOKY SCIENTIST) and Ryuichi Sakamoto (YMO) that was released on Sakamoto's label in Japan and went on to sell over 50,000 copies. Since moving to NYC 13 years ago Paul has held residencies at Sapphire Lounge, Plant Bar, Abaya and East Side Company Bar as well as continuing to tour accross America. 3 years ago he formed 3ski (with DJ JOESKI) and they have produced tracks together consistently over that time, most recently working on a few songs with Steve from DIRTY VEGAS. He is currently a resident at AUDIOPORN  SIN, and CLEAR in NYC, as well as a regular at THE RED BULL SPACE.
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