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DJ 2rip is constantly pushing a sound that consistently moves dance floors through the use of throbbing baselines.  His style is entirely unique as he seamlessly crosses through different genres and emotions while taking his crowds higher and higher, annihilating the dance floor with every transition.  DJ 2rips energetic sets and his undeniable charisma is what makes him a highly sought after DJ.   He has the natural ability to electrify a crowd in every city he visits, converting party goers into loyal DJ 2rip fans.  In 2011 DJ 2rip completed over 50 shows, having played sellout performances at venues like Stratus in Phoenix, Irish Center in Pittsburgh, GBar in Tampa, Revolution Live in Ft. Lauderdale and the Buzz Boat out of Miami.  With nearly 7,000 followers on Facebook and over 3,000 plays on Soundcloud DJ 2rip bassy sound has solidified his spot in the EDM community.

His interest in Electronic Dance music was sparked in the late 80’s while listening to Synth Pop groups on the radio as a child, splicing together his own makeshift mix tapes.  In high school, 2rip began to share his passion by mixing music in his garage where friends and acquaintances would come to hear the latest underground tracks after school.  This was the very small foundation of loyal followers that would blossom by the thousands.  By 2002 DJ 2rip embarked on his first tour of the United States making his mark throughout the underground music scene.

DJ 2rip is that rare breed of artist that can successfully hone his craft all while being business savvy enough to produce some of the country’s hottest Electronic Dance Music parties.  With 13 years of experience, DJ 2rip now sits at the helm of producing raves and festival events in 6 different states around the country.  DJ 2rip is the brainchild and muscle behind B.A.D. ASS Raves which hosts some of the eastcoast's most sucessful events.  He has toured over twenty major cities around North America including Cancun, Mexico and has shared the same stage as artists like Rusko, SubFocus, Disco Biscuits, Datsik,Benny Benassi, Vaski, Steve Aoki and Wolfgang Gartner .  His status as an East coast legend has now been amplified as he has been a feature at the Starscape Festival which boasts an attendance of over 13,000 as well as maintaining a residency with Steez Promo at the seasonal “Massive” events in Baltimore, MD.

Late 2012 marks the debut of the next series of Annihilating Rhythm mixes.  Annihilating Rhythm has become a viral marketing campaign which has blended social media and merchandise amongst the mix compilation.  Annihilating Rhythm has also become the trademark for what defines the sound of the East Coast.  DJ 2rip has a fluid but technical approach to mixing as he blends scratching into a raging blend of dubstep, bassline, electro, and breaks leaving his fans soaked in sweat from dancing hard to the onslaught of grimy bass. 

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