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Some people have to work hard to be successful; others are simply born with talent ready to be discovered. Harrison Crump is one of the latter. As a highly sought after producer, remixer, singer/songwriter and DJ, Harrison's songwriting abilities have led to a close musical relationship with long-time friend, Felix da Housecat and have earned him production credits on P-Diddy's dance music project, Divided Souls as well as an extensive musical resume. Harrison was born and raised in Chicago witnessing the house music explosion. His skills as a vocalist and musician were discovered early in life. Harrison first started out when he was eleven, singing to doo-wop and soul songs. Soon after in High School, Harrison began composing his own music.

Though he had found a natural niche in house music, Harrison didn't pursue it immediately. Being of an academic mind, he studied film at Columbia College, School of Arts. During that time he lived in a neighborhood rife with gangs and rediscovered music as a diversion. "I had to have something to get me away from all that..." he recalls "so I went to house parties, started throwing my own and also started playing/spinning records" and the rest is history.

1992 is the year that put Harrison Crump on the map. He worked alongside Felix da Housecat, an infamous member of the Chicago underground and an artist he has worked with ever since, releasing the single "Those were the days" (Freetown). There are not many artists' who do their own vocals on their tracks; Harrison Crump is a rare find. That same year Harrison released his first lucrative EP on Strictly Rhythm as well as the EP "The Sounds of Life" on Scotland's techno label Hubba Hubba. In 1993 he honed his production skill working with George Morel of Groove Records releasing two EP's "The Edge" and "Baby". Harrison then got to show off his song writing abilities, writing and singing two vocals on "The Maddkatt Courtship", Felix Da Housecat's album featuring "Light's in the sky" which Harrison Crump wrote and sang. This was Felix's most iconic album, thanks in part to Harrison Crump's songwriting and vocal pairings. He truly is talent perfected! The nineties were an impressive time for Harrison Crump. He released hit recordings to include, "Wait for the Sun" (Edel Records, UK), "The Paradox" (Radical Fear, Belgium), "The Yellow Man" (X Records), "So Many Tongues" (Radical Fear), "On & On" (Nepenta, Sublime, Arcadia), "Boogie City" (CC Recordings). Talk about a man on the grind! Harrison has done remix work for France's Etienne De Crecy album, "Super Discount" his remix of "The Boss has Gone Mad". This collaboration led to the release of, "All Those Times" and "Disco Diaries" on Pomchat Records. In 2001 Harrison Crump released his mega hit, "Get Boogie" on Subliminal. His body of work is one that is both impressive in terms of quality and quantity. Crump showcased his work on the esteemed Subliminal Records to include, "Feelings" and "Adore".

What doesn't Harrison Crump do? There's not much. He is responsible for producing "Deep Down Inside" (Sex Trax) and notable for Sean P-Diddy Combs' dance music project, Divided Souls. The man is simply amazing! Don't let all of this studio success fool you; Harrison is as solid a mixer as he is a producer and with a resume like this, it's no wonder he takes any chance he can to play his music in front of a crowd.

Harrison Crump is not one to be boxed in, not only can the man sing, write, produce, remix and ignite a dance floor as a DJ, he can also add the credit of label owner to his name. He is the founder of Hump Records. Hump Records is credited with international releases like "Ride" which has been praised by Notion Magazine with 4 1/2 stars and James Mowbray charted it at #8 in Mix Mag - January 2005. Harrison Crump has released more than five EP's in 2006 and has packed international hotspots, touring in South Africa, Amsterdam and Belgium. Crump has licensed hit recordings in South Africa to include "Once Again", "Gone" and "Runaway Dreamer". "Gone" and "Talk 2" released on Hump Records were international hits from Chicago to Milan. Harrison has over eleven releases with Hump Records with revered artists like Bad Boy Bill, Jonny Fiasco, Tony Syncore, Angel Alanis, DJ Heather and Ron Carrol to name a few.

Harrison Crump oozes talent and is an example of a true multifaceted artist who is sure to make your event a complete success. He has an impressive resume to include singing, song writing, producing and remixing. The breadth and depth of his experience, not to mention the quality of his work speaks for itself. This amazing talent has been making people move from the early nineties, with his work with Felix da House Cat, to today with his impressive releases featured on his brain child Hump Records. Spending his time between his studio and the road (with a live vocal/DJ set) Harrison will keep the crowd moving at both large and small scale events throughout the World. There is only one Harrison Crump, an individual who loves what he does and does what he loves!

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